What's New In Our Store

I shop at The Exchange for the wide variety of beautiful merchandise, from baby gifts to cookbooks and decorative accessories for my home. Best of all is that the people who work there know the merchandise so well that even if I don’t know exactly what I want, they help me find the perfect thing.
— Lynn C.
My grandmother first brought me to Saint Michael’s Woman’s Exchange when I was a young girl. She volunteered as a gift wrapper and would bring me along to help when I was out of school for summer vacation. That experience made a lifelong impression on me as I will never forget the dedicated volunteers and their enthusiasm for the store and its mission. The Saint Michael’s Woman’s Exchange is so much more than a store with lovely gifts, though it certainly carries plenty of those. The Exchange is a store that truly does good in our community. Now as an adult, it is my first stop when shopping for a gift.
— Courtney A.
I consider St. Michael’s Woman’s Exchange the best gift shop in Dallas.  The variety and quality is beyond any other option and is my choice for  personal gifts as well as corporate gifts.
— Suzanne M.