"Shop Once, Give Twice".

As we all know, Dallas is a very philanthropic city.  There are scores of nonprofits based here, doing important and life-changing work.

Feeding hungry children, offering shelter to the homeless, providing aid to the disabled, the sick and the elderly, offering comfort to the battered among us...and the list goes on.  Chances are that for most of us there is an issue or agency that is of particular concern-- a problem that tugs at our heartstrings and our checkbooks more than the others.  Well if that is the case for you, then the odds are good that you will find the group that does the work which means the most to you on the list of agencies supported by the profits of St. Michael’s Woman’s Exchange.

Most of our shoppers know that for nearly 60 years our store has distributed our yearly proceeds to others in need.  You may be unaware however of the specifics!  Take a look at the list below of the agencies we funded this year.  If you see a group whose work you admire, remember to shop with us!  If you see the group that warms your heart, remember to shop with us!  If you see a group doing work that you know is vital to our city, our nation or the world beyond, remember to shop with us!  At The Exchange you really can “Shop Once, Give Twice”.

Click here for a current list of our beneficiaries.