Funds Distributed to 71 Agencies


May is an important, busy month for many of us. It marks the end of a school year and the beginning of summer. So many activities crowd the calendar that we are often winded when this hectic month comes to a close! At St. Michael’s Woman’s Exchange, May is huge for us too — for a different reason!

Each May we distribute our profits from the previous year to agencies which feed the hungry, provide aid to the sick, offer shelter to the homeless and offer comfort and assistance to those on the margins. In other words, the money our store earns goes out into the world to do the important work of serving those in need.

Many of our customers know that our store is run by volunteers but may not know exactly what happens to the money we raise. For the past few months, a committee which carefully reviews grant requests has been diligently working; and now the decisions have been made. We recently delivered 72 checks to this year’s grant recipients.

smwe2019 beneficiariesjpeg.jpg

Some are large, well-known agencies and some are small agencies with which you may be unfamiliar. Most are local while others do their work far from Dallas. For all 72 of them, we are honored to support the life-changing work they do.

For most of us there is likely an issue or agency that is of particular concern — a problem that weighs on our heart more than most. If that is the case for you, the chances are good that the group whose work means the most to you is on the list of agencies we support.

Do you see your favorite on the list? When you shop with us, you support them too! Do come by and make a purchase. Or shop with us online. Let us wrap your packages. And remember that when you shop at St. Michael’s Woman’s Exchange, you really are Shopping For Good!

For more about our story and also the current list of our 2019 beneficiaries, click here.