And That's a Wrap

Mom said not to judge a book by its cover…but is it ok to judge a package by its wrapping?


Well, we think so. When Dallasites want the outside to look as special as the gift on the inside, they trust the expertise of the gift wrappers at St. Michael’s Woman’s Exchange. Yes, of course the paper is measured carefully, the corners are angled perfectly and no tape is showing; but more importantly, the paper is just right for your occasion, the bow is spectacular and there is often a favor tied into the bow which makes the presentation oh-so-unique!

We wrap gifts which were purchased in our store, of course; but customers also bring in gifts they purchased elsewhere for us to wrap. Do you need it wrapped right away? No problem! We’ll wrap it while you wait. You prefer to come back tomorrow? That’s also fine!

An order for 100 corporate Christmas gifts all lined up looking like toy soldiers.

An order for 100 corporate Christmas gifts all lined up looking like toy soldiers.

Do you need dozens and dozens of corporate gifts wrapped exactly the same way? We do it all the time.

We”ll create the perfect wrap for any occasion or any season. Wedding gift, Baby Gift, Graduation, something frilly, something masculine and a wrap for any holiday!

What about that gift which just won’t fit into a box? Also no problem! We’ll offer you the most beautiful and creative cello wrap, which allows you to present a wrapped gift and shows your creative gift through the wrapping. Here are some recent wraps, to get your creativity going!


This creative customer purchased the beautiful tequila tasting set from our store, and then brought in the bride and groom's favorite tequila. We then cello- wrapped the whole thing. What a personal, clever gift to celebrate a Mexico wedding!

From classic wrapped boxes to the most irregularly-shaped items…we wrap it all!

Whether you just don’t have time to devote to wrapping your gifts or you don’t have the expertise to create the beautiful gift you want to give…we are here to help. Remember that other thing Mom always said? …Presentation Matters. We concur.