Michael Aram Personal Appearance


Michael Aram, the award-winning American artist and designer of jewelry, tableware, candles and sculpture is coming to St. Michael’s Woman’s Exchange on November 14 from 12:30-4:30. The Exchange has carried his pieces for many years and is one of the primary sources in Dallas for his well known work.

Michael Aram trained as a painter, sculptor and art historian who finds inspiration in nature. Although best known for his work in metal and wood, Michael Aram works with many materials and focuses on objects made by hand. Inspired by a trip to India as a very young man, he established a workshop there, where his pieces are still made.

Aram’s pieces are equally at home in a traditional setting and in a contemporary room, which make them very popular gifts.

On this visit, Aram will bring a collection of his jewelry, which is new for The Exchange. Don’t miss an exciting opportunity to meet this important American artist - in time for holiday gift giving!