Montes Doggett Fine Handmade Ceramics


Beauty.  Function.  Originality.  All describe the Montes Doggett line.  We have so many new pieces in this collection of fine handmade ceramics!  The creamy white color is at home in a contemporary setting as well as in a more traditional home.  Mix these pieces with wooden serving pieces or with other ceramic lines for a rich and interesting look.

This collection has its roots in Mexico, where the designer was raised; and her personality and love of entertaining are apparent in each handcrafted piece of this collection of tabletop ceramics and pottery.


Fans of the Montes Doggett line love to get creative with ways to use each piece.  For example, would you use this one for burger condiments?  nuts and olives? salsa, guacamole and pico?  The possibilities are endless…






This stand might host a cake…or cheeses and fruit…


Speaking of cheese, you probably assumed that this grand crown was designed to be a cheese platter…and it certainly could be…but the designer tells us that she designed it to hide her husband's array of vitamin bottles which cluttered up the kitchen counter!  It is definitely the most beautiful “vitamin hider” we’ve ever seen!  

                  A Crown Jewel of a Vitamin Concealer!

                  A Crown Jewel of a Vitamin Concealer!

All Montes Doggett pieces are oven, microwave and dishwasher safe!  Stop by to pick out your favorite…or add to your collection.