Gifts with a Texas Twist


Sometimes you just want to give a gift from way down Deep in your Big Texan Heart, don’t you?  


You have that friend or neighbor who might be new to town… or even to Texas.  

Maybe you know a homesick Texan who could always use a little Lone Star Love. 

Perhaps a housewarming gift is the way to offer a heartfelt gift with some Texas flavor.

So many books with a Texas theme...

So many books with a Texas theme...



Maybe its time to indoctrinate those little ones in your life…



If you need some help and inspiration, Bless Your Heart, we have some TEXCELLENT ideas for you. And contrary to popular belief, not EVERYTHING is bigger in Texas.  Some of these items are quite small and perfect for mailing!

And finish with the perfect card, of course!

Some of our Texas themed items are even available in our online shop!  Click  to check them out.



And of course, finish with the perfect card!